Kevin M Colorado

Stop Enhancing Torture

To truly be a free country we should stop increasing our torture on criminals and terrorists but instead find a better solution.

Dear Madame/Mr. President:

Our idea of a united world is so far on a thin line, we a society are so driven by war and terrorism, we also then will torture and break our enemy, instead of trying to find better solutions to stop terrorism and to find a way to stop this in a manner which either side does not have to murder each other. But our nation I see so far is not the one who believes in helping others but to torture and mentally hurt them to win a battle or a special operation. We as a nation torturing our enemy does not make us superior but makes us the same if lower than their level. As America we say to ourselves that everyone has rights, but is it true when we have to rely on both physically and mentally torture their mind and body just to grasp that little information as it puts distrust in our people who most are Immigrants who came here for safety or to have a better life. So we as a nation do not think and find better solutions but a nation who would use the most effective in which breaks our beliefs and making us become what we don’t want be: a society of which people don’t feel free.

The reasons why I believe this is horrible is because other people suffer through this. Even some of the soldiers out their fighting say that this is wrong as they said “There was a pretty solid consensus, certainly among the leadership, that we shouldn’t be doing this at all,” he said. “I think that’s where they lose sleep when they think that, because of these kinds of activities, there’s a possibility that this will be done against our own” troops." So if our own troops say that this is bad it perhaps it means we are doing something wrong. Also the quote says that torture has their consequences as they even pointed out that we do this the same could happen to our troops. So torture is not a great method. 

More proof of this is that psychologists believe it is bad for the victim's mental state making them actually becoming more violent than before. Lastly lawyers have been interviewing these people and some soldiers as they ask them “If it’s OK for us to [torture], why wasn’t it OK for the Germans and the Japanese to do it [during World War II]?,” Romig asked in the interview. “Why wouldn’t it be OK for our next combatant in the future — whoever that might be — to do it against us?” As this question was ask the results were similar as most said it is to protect our country and it’s people. I do understand that it does help in bad situations and it is a good way to get out information but in the cost of our words and our country's beliefs. If we keep doing this we should just look at them as we should see that we are turning into them. So we the people should not judge our enemies for their sin but ours too.

We the nation should find different ways instead of looking up to torture, and instead we could use things like lie detectors or have a spy because these seem more reasonable to sneak in then to beat it out of a person. So if we could stop torture it would make us be better, to be what our country wants us to have rights. Torturing will just take it away from these people and will create distrust. So if this is gonna be any better then we should stop torturing and be America the country that would help anyone in dire needs and not to become our enemy.

Sincerely, Kevin M

Wheat Ridge HS

Composition for the College Bound English

Twelfth graders in Colorado

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