Evan Pennsylvania


We need to live in a safe country. This letter addresses ISIS and terrorism.

Dear Future President of the United States,

America is facing a substantial issue right now. This problem is threatening to take away the freedom America is known for. The problem is known by one name: ISIS. ISIS, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, is a terrorist group trying to spread their religion through violence. They have already attacked peaceful locations and the United States of America is in danger of their attacks. Being the leader of our nation, you must know this already which is why I’m suggesting how to stop them before they strike.

You probably are aware that ISIS is a growing problem and is very lethal to us. They will not be easy to stop, but I think we have to act before anyone else loses their lives. America has one of the most powerful militaries ever and you have the ability to use that military. Everyone knows that ISIS is a threat because they have already demonstrated their ability. I believe that America is strong enough to end ISIS’s reign of terror before there is anymore bloodshed of the innocent. I don’t think we can negotiate with them; we have to fight them.

ISIS is responsible for attacks against peaceful nations. For example, they set off bombs in Paris, France, killing 130 people. Hundreds of other people were also left wounded from the attacks. Things like this will keep on happening if ISIS isn’t terminated. According to the NewsELA article “Issue Overview: Jihad,” “In 1988 there were only 3 jihadi groups, today there are at least 49.” This shows that their numbers are growing every year making them more powerful. Making the first move against them before war starts is better than recovering from their attack first.

I believe that to defeat an enemy, you have to understand them. Therefore, it is important to know why ISIS is attacking peaceful nations. People of the terrorist groups are trying to spread their radical and unrecognized form of Islam religion and anyone who opposes them, they consider an enemy. Part of the freedom of America is that U.S. citizens can follow any religion they want. Yet ISIS disagrees with this. They want everyone everywhere to respect and follow their specific religion. Americans have the freedom that they don’t have, and they hate us for that. These terrorists are attempting to spread their ways through threats of violence. They are responsible for beheadings, bombings, and other acts of violence.

To conclude, I do not want to live in a world controlled by terrorists. I don’t want to live in fear of their attacks all the time. The responsibility of taking care of ISIS is in your hands. We have to remember all that they have done. Do we want that for our future generations? Do we want ISIS to keep on attacking peaceful nations and taking the lives of innocent people? I certainly do not. Use

the power of the American military to put a stop to the evil doings of the terrorists.


Evan S., Pennsylvania