Grey F. Pennsylvania

Grey Fertich Letter To The Next President

Hello Mr. or Mrs. President,

A big issue that has caught a lot of attention over the course of this election has been taxation. Ever since I got my first job at 14, I've been focusing on taxes a good bit myself. On every paycheck I receive, I always find a large portion of my earnings removed. The largest culprit of this, are federal taxes. Throughout the last year or so, I've seen two very different approaches to issue. One approach is to raise income tax on the wealthiest individuals and businesses in America. The goal of this plan is to get money from the richest people in America to help reduce the national debt and provide debt-free college. This sounds nice, however the U.S. is already having difficulties keeping large businesses from leaving the country; raising taxes would give them more incentive to leave. Also, once more large businesses leave, where would the additional money required to keep the plan in motion come from? The other approach is to reduce taxes on all Americans. The idea is that businesses will have fewer expenses, leading to more money for hiring new employees, or lowering prices. The lost government revenue will, in theory, be made up by the increased number of workers and increase in pay. Problems that could arise in this approach are that companies pocket the extra money, and don't put it back into their businesses. Both approaches have their flaws, but they will affect me, and the rest of America, directly.

Respectfully yours,


Elizabethtown Area High School

2016 Fall Honors World History

A collection of questions, lessons learned, and pressing thoughts from my 2016 Fall Honors World History students at Elizabethtown Area High School to the next President of the United States on the topic of foreign policy and pressing international issues

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