Taytiana Velazquez-Rivera Pennsylvania

Lend an ear to a Hispanic, American Young Woman

Some subjects that personally affect me or that I am concerned about, are immigration, unemployment, low income families, equal rights, for all sexes, races, religions and sexual orientations, and resources and abortion laws.

Dearest future president,

There are many issues that us americans face and as youth most of us can not act, nor vote. The best we can hope for is that you hear us out. This is my spiel, and it's up to you if you want to listen with an open ear. Though the future is chosen for the youth, by most people who aren’t youth, since most don’t vote as much compared to people over 65, which about half of them vote.

Some subjects that personally affect me or that I am concerned about, are immigration, unemployment, low income families, equal rights, for all sexes, races, religions and sexual orientations.

Our environment is what houses Americans, The United Stated of America and North America Our Energy Plan, will last mostly for the next 100 years or so but what about future generations, burning our resources to make energy which causes global warming. Some predictions, project that sea level will rise up to 6 ft in the next century along with the astonishingly increasing pace of global temperatures, puts about 25-35% of species at risk of extinction. The planet is not just a U.S. responsibility, however we do contribute to the overall effects of its outcome.

As, for immigration, if we made the millions of U.S. illegal mexican residents, that have been here for generations, legal, technically they will have to pay taxes, less companies will avoid paying under the table, illegally, which will require them to make reports, pay taxes, show how they pay for bills and then cause a spike in American income because ‘new’ Americans, that were gaining income will no longer be tax free and will open up job opportunities to legalize these millions of illegal immigrants, causing people to pay taxes, which means better funded public resources, such as school, which will then result in a higher educated society and we won't have to ‘search else where’ for the talent that we need because we’ve cause homegrown elitist society of the new generation. So why kick out functioning members of our societies that span into the millions and have been here for years, when we can force them to contribute financially and economically as well, unlike “all of the options in brief”, that the U.S Immigration Policy Reform suggests, like accepting the talent we need, which will cause less American jobs; including ourselves, Letting a free for all and putting our needed resources in other countries. Then make jobs tightening the border, with the knowledge of the people who snuck right by us. A country built on immigrants trying to outlaw Indians goes against the foundation of America. Those are one group of people targeted, but based on political cartoons from the 1870s, race was clearly discriminated against even the Irish were seen as lesser than the Europeans, we can’t once again patronize a certain heritage-descendants as we’ve done with those of Irish and African descents. Another thing, the citizens test is all about bias and perspective, one question is “What is the most important right granted to United States citizens?” How can someone determine the importance of a right if what is important to one, might not be to another?’I suggest we remake the Citizens test to stuff that the majority of Americans know, this is more of an opinionated, history test, if someone were to say on the test the colonist ravished and caused genocide, they would be correct, but not correct on the test since the test is supposed to be viewed through a jaded lense.

America is supposed to be free for all, so why are women, people of different races, sexual orientations and religions being oppressed because they aren’t popular in America’s eyes due to fear enforcement that teaches us to hate things that differ from the white male, the original people America was made for. Women are made to aspire to see women as competitors while knowing they can’t compete with a man which is untrue.

The issues that I brought up are few of many uniquely American and un-uniquely American issues. Hopefully after you lend your ear, you will lend your hand.


A Hispanic, American young Woman, Taytiana

Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

We are high school students from Philadelphia! We've been studying immigration in U.S. history so many of our letters include our opinions on this issue.

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