Franjy Pennsylvania

Gun Laws

How we handle gun purchase in the U.S needs to be changed and enforced.

Franjy Guaba

Ms. Dickerson

Period 5th

August 30th, 2016

Dear Next President,

         My name is Franjy Guaba and I’m a student in Olney Charter High School which resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’m writing to emphasize the issue of gun control laws and how they’re ruining lives across the U.S. Some people want guns to stay the way they are because they believe that shooting a target might be fun, but can’t they just go to gun ranges for that.

         It bothers me that if I were old enough I could buy a gun the same way I can buy a entertainment system. That is almost exactly what happened to the kids in Sandy Hook Elementary where Adam Lanza bought a gun and killed 20 children from ages 6 to 7. This is why we need to make it way harder for anyone to get a gun. We can’t just rifles and guns like they were toys. The Sandy Hook story and many other armed killings shows us that we need to enforce guns laws.

         Just like the Sandy Hook incident, I’ve seen and read many stories on the news about people shooting others and political figures down blame it on the fact that guns a be bought with such ease. They blame it on others problems or don’t address this matter at all. Thankfully my family nor I have been directly affected by this issue, but it still concerns me for anyone else’s families and how this can happen to literally anyone. And on top of all that I know others feel the same way that I do, but there’s also a bountiful of people who don’t care about this because they overreact and think we want to take down the 2nd amendment.

         Firearms are so easy to buy, in fact roughly 40% of guns are bought without background checks and this is one of the many reasons why these firearms are so easily accessible. In states like Alaska, guns can be bought with such ease that you don’t need a permit to carry handgun and still buy it. In most states you don’t even need a permit to buy a gun. This means that unless you are mentally ill or have a serious criminal record then you can purchase a gun simply by walking in a gun shop and giving the arms dealer the money needed.

         The facts that I have just mentioned may mean nothing to someone pro guns, however their opinions would change if they had a bad experience with firearms. Now I not threatening anyone to do anything, but to those people who are pro guns picture this. What if someone dear to you were injured because of a firearm wouldn’t you have a different image on how you view guns? And you don’t have to imagine someone you love getting shot, all you have to do is see what other families have gone through.

         To finish up, please consider making these changes to our society because it’s falling apart and these changes might at least slow it down. Like at said we can’t keep incidents like in Sandy Hook Elementary to happen. We also can’t just ignore others because it doesn’t affect us directly or let anyone carry ,let alone purchase, firearms as if their were everyday things that most people are able to buy. I urge you the next president to consider these things and hopefully I expressed my opinion thoroughly because isn’t it the President’s job to keep us safe?