Jorge L. Pennsylvania


Immigration has been a big issue for years.

September 26, 2016

Dear Next President,

Imagine being with your family in a foreign country and then have to leave to another country where your family isn't there, where you are all alone and have to work to send your poor family some type of money for food.These situations do happen to immigrants. They leave where they were born and raised from to raise money for their families to take them out of the struggle. But the sacrifice that they make for ever leave a burden on them, missing birthdays , holidays even funerals.With Immigrants being able to start over or have a second chance in another country should be legal everyone deserves a second chance to start over again and help their families from the struggle that many poor people go through. Even to know that sometimes even babies cross.Children even come to change their lives and even to be safe from gang threats.

In the 2012 the percentage of immigrants that were living in the United States were approximately 11 million people. 6.4 million of immigrants arrived in the United States between 1999 and 2004 and have been living here for over more than 10 years ( 61 percent are between the ages of 25 to 44 and over all it's about 50-50 between men and women. About four million of children were born in the United States or even more and 5 million of the parents are expected to get working papers. It's not only affecting the immigrants and their families but it's also affecting the United States Of America because 87 percent of men without papers are working and the most job taking by them is construction now imagine that if all the immigrants or a large percentage were to leave then who would build the buildings or streets that this country needs. Not having immigrants being in the States would affect the country.

Because they are the ones that work a lot more than the average and them actually here benefits the country because they work for us and they pay their taxes if they have working papers. By the way not all immigrants harass the citizens all that they're doing is coming here working some paying of their taxes like any American and starting over there lives for a better future for them their families and for there generations to come. Some immigrants are able to get working papers and be able to live here as long as you're working which is good that is the reason why they come here. In addition for for immigrants they should be able to pursue the American Dream and be able to be an American citizen. Dear Next President, please hear the voice of millions of immigrants across the country which just want a second chance and want to restart their life to have a new way of living and being able to work and live free without having that feeling of being pressure of getting deported back to where they started.


Jorge Larreinaga