Racheli E.

Terrorism Must Stop in America!

With gun control, ISIS, and other terrorism, America is slowly falling apart.

Dear President,

I am writing to you regarding the continuous issue of terrorism in our beloved country, America. As a student, I am informed about the current events that take place on a daily basis. It is certainly frightening and unacceptable to hear about the ongoing terrorist attacks on our so called “safe” country. As a citizen of the United States of America, I am personally asking YOU, as our leader, to take control and try and stop the endless horror in our country.

Firstly, gun control is a large percent of the cause of terror in America. In some of the states, gun ownership is legal. This allows mentally ill people the right to shoot whenever they feel like it. Many attacks and shootings are effects of this law,which in my opinion should be prohibited. We need to take action and try to prevent the ones with a history of mental illness into our country. As President, please make new laws and conditions to decrease the simplicity of terror and murder.

Additionally, Islamic attacks, and Isis in particular is another crucial part of terrorism in America. Studies conclude that over 3,453 Islamic attacks have taken place in the world during the last two decades. It is a far rising number compared to right wing, nationalist, and unknown terror attacks. Isis continuously attacks America, and not enough is being done to stop it. As President, a plan to defeat Isis and our murderers is a crucial step in keeping our country alive!

Furthermore, the changes in the last 40 years have been remarkable. As an example, security in airports has increased tremendously. A few decades prior, luggage scanning, security pat downs, no liquids etc. did not apply. As a result of the destruction of the twin towers on September 11th, airports and large buildings increased their security checks. It is crucial and essential that security throughout America continuously increase as does technology. Gun control and Isis are two major issues that are affecting American’s daily lives. Please hear and understand my concerns, and possibly make changes according to my suggestions.


Racheli E.

Kosloff Torah Academy

US History 10 AC

Letters from our 10th grade history class on their important issues.

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