Nathan H. Wisconsin

Gun Control

You need to monitor who you are selling guns to and make sure they don't want to use it to harm others.

Dear Future President,

                     Gun control is a hot topic nowadays, there are always people arguing about if there should be more laws on guns or just to keep them the same. There are some good things about guns but there are also some bad things that can happen with guns. For example, some people only own guns to protect themselves or for recreational activities but there are some people in the world that have guns to do bad things to innocent people. I think to help stop this from happening gun shops shouldn't be able to sell a gun to anyone that has been caught abusing other people or have a history of mental illness. Most killings that have to deal with guns are often done with assault rifles, I don't think that all assault rifles should be banned but limit the magazine size to 20 or 15 rounds instead of 30 so that people can still use them for recreation and target practice but it's less of a danger to others who are around. Even though we try to monitor everyone buying a gun to make sure they aren't going to do anything bad with it there are still people that will get guns illegally. Only about 3% of crimes and murders happen with legally owned firearms the rest are illegal. Really the most we can do about how other people handle guns is to monitor who we sell them to and make sure they don't fall into the wrong hands.




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