Peyton M. Ohio

Gun Control

Why Is The Basic Firearm Viewed Only For Murder? Follow the Document Provided and find where you stand.

Dear Future President of our Beautifully troubled nation,

I am writing to you today because, how we regulate and consider firearms is in need of change. Firearms are misused but also misjudged. Firearms are dangerous in which may and will inflict death, so we must take precautions and consider positives among the era of negatives. Let us keep in mind that Firearms are used for more than just murder. Why must we believe Guns are Unnecessary and Evil?

Consider the fact that the physical science of a gun is designed to inflict damage through the speed of a projectile. However, the chain reaction guilty of the launch of the projectile requires the pulling of a lever through a human being. Thus, holding the human responsible, not the firearm. To even the slightest design of an instrument, there is always a cultural influence. Simply, you ask residence in southern states how often they NEED their firearm to how much they ENJOY their firearm. You will find that most love to hit a firing range or enter hunting grounds. You climb north and you will see little to no influence in such entertainment. When you relate weapons here up north you come to what? Crime and murder because the North through generations has had a hunger for wealth. Thus making theft and other crimes more valuable. There is crime in North Carolina and below sure, but definitely not as much. This is when you have to calculate the why.

Firearms are used for more than the popular depiction of MURDER. Thus we must consider the positives of this creation. Say a bear came to your home? In which could and will occur in a multitude of areas, North Carolina deals with Black bears all throughout the country. I know this because I have land in the Black Mountains of Asheville. What precautions could you take without a gun? There are many cases to where you could find a solution besides a gun. However, the gun will be quick and short whereas other solutions will involve more people and attention along with time, In which you may not have. Firearms are excellent at defense. We must restrict WHO has the firearm, not ALL.

Many agree that Firearms are unnecessary in the modern age of America. However, we are not out of the forest yet, and may not ever be. Death is a depiction of life in every way, you will never escape death nor will you escape the reality that it is around you. We will constantly require ourselves to be protected and to protect yourself. One way or the other, the second amendment will be revered and sought out of a decision. Meaning - The creation of the firearm will always be used against and for us. We must decide how to go about each side of this equation, we cannot have an extreme answer on either spectrum someone is going to get hurt. Whether this is from a HUMAN behind a gun or other causes.

Not only is the president needed for changes but also, the Judicial, the Legislative, the senate - every power in our government that is required for the choices on American soil. However, The president could raise discussion and bring about the possibilities and have a complete understanding over the nation as a whole and consider the situation in every state. Every state has it's own situation on multiple issues.

Thank you for your time throughout the many processes and activities you oblige to daily. This is not only a national issue, but around the world, many nations have or will deal with weapons within their society. I trust you and those around you will consider all possibilities and make the proper moves. This nation and every nation has crime, we must balance law and freedom because too much excess will cause danger.