Letter to President

I like to mention the few issues that I think about even at this young age of 15. The NSA reading/seeing private information, abortion, lowering the taxes for middle class, and terrorism.

Dear President of the United States of America

      I wanted to inform you about a few issues that trouble me in my daily life. Every time I send a text, email, and even a photo I feel as if my privacy is being exposed. The NSA has the ability to read and see our private and personal information. This should not be allowed. Every person in this country has the right of privacy. I understand if the government would like to track down any suspicion or crime about a person through this process. For the country’s safety, I have a great idea of what the government can do without invading personal privacy. Open an account which has all the contact information, emails, texts and photo’s on every person. This account must have a password that only the President could access. If there is something seriously threatening or suspicious about a person, the account may be open, with the President's approval. 

     Another matter that I would like to approach to you about is abortion. A woman shall not have the right to decide to kill a baby. Why don’t they give the baby a chance to live? If the woman argues that she is too young and it was all a mistake, it is not the baby's fault of what happened. I believe that if a woman does not wish to keep the baby they should look for other options. As in giving the baby to a foster home or the process of adoption. Wouldn't the woman rather know that her baby is safe and in good hands? By giving the baby up for adoption, it would give a couple that cannot have children the opportunity to be able to start a family. It will be a dream come true for them. 

    My third issue is lowering the taxes for the middle class. People have to work long hours when they know a lot of their money is going to taxes. This is very hard for big families when there is a lot of expenses.  I believe you can make a change to this.

  The last issue that I would like to bring up is terrorism. Terrorist attacks will go on forever; we will not see peace in all the nations for a long time. Slowly terrorism will destroy our earth. The fear comes across to the people, because they do not know if an attack will happen next or where it is safe. When an attack happened in New York city just at the beginning of this year was a big shock to the country. I believe that terrorism could end with the right strategies and actions. I am just hoping that whoever is the next President will try to make a great change in our country because you have been given the chance to fix America. I hope you will hear me out and take some advice from what I wrote.


Kosloff Torah Academy

US History 10 AC

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