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Letter to President about college costs.

Dear Mr/Mrs. President

I am now a student in high school;  after graduation, I am hopefully am going to college . I think college is really important for most people and that is exactly why I don't understand why colleges costs so much. Even Though my parents are going to pay my tuition for me, there are a lot of people out there that probably are not even going to college just because of its cost. I think college should be more affordable. Some student work during their college years to pay for it. Instead of focusing on figuring out their future, they get worried about not being able to pay. People shouldn’t be spending hundreds and thousands of dollars for a college diploma.

There are a lot of people that want to have good education, but they are worried about how expensive college is and how it's only getting more and more expensive. Even students that get scholarships are having a hard time paying for college. America can lose a lot of good people with lots of talent and potential that could make the country better, but because they couldn't afford college, they never became doctors, teachers, therapists, and many other jobs that can help our country grow. I think that it would be really helpful if the President would lower the cost of college and make it more affordable. 


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