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Abortion is a bad thing

Dear Future President,

My name is Naomi Farage, I would like to raise an issue that disturbs me, which as the allowance of abortion in the USA.  As a female, I do understand the rights for our bodies; however, abortion is a bad thing. Why would you want to kill someone just because the women who are pregnant can't take care of the children? Most women get abortions because they are unable to care for a child, which personally, I think is wrong, but some women have a parent who is willing to help and support their own grandchild. Despite this, most women still get abortions. Other women get abortions just because they can't afford to have a child. Most women forget that there is another option which is called adoption.

The families who can't have children go to adoption agencies just to adopt children who were abandoned, just forgotten about, or even when parents can't take care of them. Women should have children and not get an abortion because I believe that the children that are growing inside of women deserve a chance to live life even if it will be a bad life; they should get to decide that for themselves. 

Personally, I think women should give the baby inside them a chance to live life, make good and bad decisions, and go through the same thing their parents did when they were young. I believe women who are pregnant should have the child and then decide if that are going to give them up or to keep that baby and let them have the life they deserve. A third option I thought of was the government. The government should support the families that can’t afford a child and will give them up for adoption. The government should give a donation of two hundred thousand dollars to the parent or parents who just brought a life into the world and then realized they can’t afford to take care of the child and gave them up for adoption.

Sincerely, Naomi Farage

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