Iustin Pennsylvania

Gun Control

I don't want to have a future where everyone is using guns recklessly.

Sir/Madame President,

I think gun control is one of the most important issues in the US because almost everyone has a gun and they probably are using them illegally. Thousands of people are dying each year because of gun control. Also terrorism is happening. In 2016 there was a massive shooting in Orlando Florida where 50 people died and there were 53 non fatal injuries. The man who did this shooting was an American citizen and he never committed a crime before and after he got the gun legally, he killed 50 people.

Many people are dying each year. In 2013, 32,888 people were killed in the USA. But this happened 3 years ago. In 2015, 40% of the American population knew someone that was involved in murder/homicide/suicide. Also, people that are getting guns legally are selling them to gangs. A few months ago, I saw a social experiment on YouTube, that showed how people are selling guns. After they saw the cameras, they starting shooting at him but he escaped without a scratch.

Another issue that is really important about gun control is terrorism. The USA had a lot of issues with terrorism. Many people have no idea how are they getting all those weapon. Terrorist are getting these weapons on Black Market. They are buying weapons, explosives and everything they need is illegally from other countries or even from other terrorist groups. In Orlando Florida, over 100 students that just graduated from college were part of a massive shooting. 50 people died and 53 were injured. The guy that killed and injured all this people was part of a terrorist group.

The 3rd issue that I want to talk about is the police. The terrorist that killed all these people in Florida was American. The police found out that he was talking with a terrorist group on social media. Imagine if the police knew that before he planned that shooting. I wish they would do that because when I graduate, I will go to a party and I don’t want someone to start shooting and killing people. Also if this problem with gun control will not be solved, they should sell weapons that are not life threatening.

I think many people think that gun control is a global issue, not only in the US. People are selling guns illegally in every country and that’s why millions of people are dying each year. Also, a good part of Middle East is destroyed by terrorism. This will probably stop only if the police will check all this social media accounts plus phone messages or phone calls.


Iustin Herciu