Gennessis C. Texas

Once They Are In Don't Take Them Out

Sex offenders shouldn't come out for good behavior or for any matter out of jail. It is not fair to the community and the victim who was hurt by that person. To stop attacks I have found a perfect solution.

Dear Future President,

                Recently I have come across some disturbing information that I would like to bring to your attention. In my area alone there are 19 registered offenders of those , 7 are repeat offenders. I live next to a elementary school so you can understand my concern. Therefor I took it upon my self to learn everything I could about sex offenders and see what was causing this problem. 

                   Surely enough I found it, sex offenders are everywhere doing whatever they want because they never served the right amount of time in prison. This leads to them relapsing when coming out after two years max and having an urge to commit the crime again. Justice is not being made to the victims or any person that can be put in danger, when a sex offender comes out for good behavior or the judges believe they have become mentally stable again.

                For this reason I propose to you a solution, which is chemically castrating sex offenders. I am aware chemically castrating is legal in some states, but not only some states have sex offenders therefor you should make it legal everywhere. This solution will bring peace to those who have been attacked or afraid of there children being attacked. With that said I hope you can put an end to this tragedy, and make our world a better place. 


               Gennessis Cocom