Jason P. Texas

Gun Violence

Gun Violence is out of control and we need to help those mentally challenged who provoke gun violence in this country.

Dear future President

There is a very serious matter in this country that needs attention and needs to be solved. Gun violence is going out of control and needs someone to stop it from tearing us apart. I found out that people who have provoked gun violence have some sort of mental disability for example ADHD,  these people need serious mental help they cant just go untreated or we will see more deaths because of gun violence. these people must have come from a troublesome background or maybe got their ADHD from their parents. you as the president should try to do something about this crisis for example you can help improve the health care plan so they can get the help they need. most of these people don't know what they are doing they don't know they are killing others and themselves in the process, they need someone that can help them, and we need you to make this nation safer for us to live in.