Adriana L. Texas

Women's Workplace

We are seen as weak, inferior and damsels who can't make it in the world, but we've fought for our rights! We are strong and intelligent what else do we need to prove to be seen as equals?

To whomever wins this presidential election I have a few things I would like to discuss. We both know you know about the wage gap and how in the U.S women get payed only 70% of a man's pay. We both also know that the only reason for that is because of our gender. What I do not understand is the reason why we are in the 21st century and nothing is progressing. We have come a long way from gaining the right to vote and job opportunities opening up for us but if it seems as if we're not heading anywhere anymore. We are still being seen as women and not as people. Have we not proven to everyone that we can be leaders, innovators and pretty much anything a man can do?

That's not the only problem in the work place for women. There's also the fact that because we're women we are less likely to get hired compared to a man who has the same experience and degree.  Experiments have proven that when evaluating a women people tend to say we are "Inexperienced" or "under qualified" even though we have the same degree and experience. I'm not one who whines and says life is unfair, but to have a problem based on gender? Now that's just men's ego getting in the way of seeing the truth that we're just as equal as they are. 

Galena Park High School

English II

English II students write about their concerns for the upcoming election.

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