Karitza R. Texas

Animal Agriculture

My letter is on the dangers in agricultural feeding and what we can do to prevent from happening.

Dear Future President,

I believe that animal agriculture is a big issue in our world and it should most definitely be stopped. Every year over 56 billion farm animals are killed in the US , not only are they killed but they are tortured and forced to take antibiotics.

The most likely reason why producers put antibiotics in animal feed is due to wanting all animals to gain more weight for more meat. Producers use more than ten million antibiotics a year, US producers mix more that a dozen different antibiotics in animal feed. The animal that is mostly forced to take antibiotics are chickens. Chickens are the smallest animals, producers believe that if given antibiotics they will produce way more meat. Rapid growth can harm these poor animals. Due to growth promotion some birds end up crippled. Chickens may be the main ones to take these dangerous antibiotics, yet there is still cows and pigs that also have to go through the same situation. Many animals are lost every year, and something really needs to be done about it. 

Every year more than enough farm animals die due to antibiotics, there has to be something done about it. Producers have been warned about putting so much different antibiotics in animal feed, but they still haven't listened. I believe that every month there should be someone who goes down and check in on agriculture feeding and how the animals are being cared for. Producers need to understand that animals are important too and should be cared for.