Jamie J. Georgia

Human Trafficking

Human/Sex trafficking is a big issue in the world and I want our future president to help do something about it.

Dear Future President,

The world can be a terrifying place. It’s full of people of all sizes, races, and intentions. There are some revolting people out there. From killers to thieves, to the most dangerous of all- stupid people who will do anything to make a quick buck. Among these individuals are those who force innocent children and women to participate in sexual acts against their will. I hope our next president takes sex trafficking very seriously and helps end it, as it’s a very big problem that needs to be stopped.

People aren’t taking this issue as seriously as they should be. Every single day, hundreds of dozens of girls and women in the nation are stripped from their daily lives and told to be people they’re not, and do things they don’t want to do. Most of the world’s human traffickers are never caught! I saw a Web of Lies episode in which a thirteen year old girl was taken to eleven different states, in 21 cities around the country, to have sex with strangers more than twice, or even 3 times her age, against her will. She was beaten, knocked unconscious, and told that her name was something it wasn’t and that she was in Colombia, after being given pills while unconscious. It’s sickening what these people do, really messed up stuff.

The aftermath for a victim of sex trafficking can be brutal, if not worse than what they went through during their victimization. Most victims are scarred for life, and have to spend years in safe homes just to overcome the horror that they experienced. Some victims change their names, or are told to whilst being tossed around the United States and are unwillingly having sex with older men. It can take a very long time to get over the things they go through, if they ever do, that is.

So how do the traffickers do this? How do they obtain money and fulfill the ill people’s orders? They use the Internet. By using certain websites located on the “Deep Web”, they can put up temporary advertisements for sex with minors or women in the local area. I think that this is how we can find them, too. I think since these “Deep Websites” don’t let you track someone’s I.P. address, we can find them through photo searching the images, and finding exactly where they are. The issue is that these traffickers are always on the move, and don’t stay in one place for more than a day or two. Regardless, I have faith in the FBI/CIA and believe that if they look further into this, they can find a tactic to find them. They deserve very harsh punishments, either life sentences in maximum security prisons, or death, in my opinion.

In conclusion, I hope that you will look into this. I suppose that where to go with the issue, the punishments, and how to find the traffickers is ultimately up to them. But I’d like to spread the word of sex trafficking, and help be a part of the group that puts an end to it all! This issue is very important to me and is essential that it ends. I hope you consider everything I’ve said, Mr. or Mrs. President, and together we can stop it for good.


Jamie J