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Drug Abuse

Drug abuse users are coming more frequently than usual in the United States.

Dear future president of the United States

Imagine a world where people aren't constantly scared of losing their loved ones from drug abuse. A place where people didn't have to pay expensive rehab facilities to get over drugs. A safe, and strong world where there isn't any heart breaking news about deaths caused by overdose . The United States should be able to provide protection from drug abuse so there wouldn't be so many UN positive things happening because of a simple supplement, health problems, rehab and, reduce the amount of deaths from drug abuse.

‘’People start to have mental disorders, cancer, stroke and many other problems with them’’. (Addiction and Health). Drugs abuse is not something to take lightly. People have all kinds of different mental disorders such as multiple personality disorders and anxiety ,panic disorders and eating disorders…’’ (Mental Health). Cancer is a extremely dangerous, and in some cases, deadly disease that can be brought on by the abuse of drugs. Health is extremely important for people in general, and adding drugs like cocaine in your life just damage your body. Doing drugs is just committing suicide slowly and painfully.

“Rehab is highly expensive.’’The cost of standard drug and alcohol treatment programs is much less expensive because these programs focus less on luxury and only on providing patients with drug and alcohol treatment’’(Rehab Cost). The cost of rehabs is expensive either way for luxurious furniture or not. Rehab is unnecessary if you say “no’’ to begin with.However, rehab is still a great resource, but also a costly investment as well. Doing any type of drug is not only a waste of money, but also your time.

Substance abuse is a life threatening decision that thousands of people make everyday. There have been thousands of deaths due to the use of narcotics. The amount of deaths every year seem to be increasing rapidly every year that goes by.’’Data from 2014 shows there was a drug overdose total that has evidence is 47,005’’(2014 overdose data). Drug abuse is a incredibly dangerous lifestyle to have. Something as simple as mistaking the wrong amount of medication can lead to life threatening situations in just a few seconds. Some people today think that getting high is something fun and eventful. Drugs can take your life in an instant, and have already done that very thing to thousands of people everyday, and it sadly seems to be increasing.

In conclusion, I think that if drug abuse is going to continue, then the United States should make rehab not as expensive and to try to lower the amount of deaths each year. The government should lower the amount of abusers of drugs.It is impossible to know who has them by making sure going thru the federal government rules.Every little step that gets us farther away from drug abuse, is a step closer to a heather and stronger community in the United States of America.

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