Cathy Hemphill Texas

The World is Dying

Dear Mr./Mrs. President, Do you ever wonder how it would feel to live in an oven? Because that is exactly where the world is headed. Each year it gets hotter and hotter, and the ozone layer gets smaller and smaller. I wonder why? The years of 2011 to 2015 were the warmest 5 years we have ever seen; with the year 2015 breaking all of our records. Then this year, 2016, has completely overshadowed 2015’s record. I know for a fact that i’m not the only one who sees the trend. We we can not continue to let global warming go on. Its things like factories, cars, and even hair sprays that cause our ozone layer to diminish. When that happens the sun’s rays fall harder on Earth, therefore making it hotter. When you were a child and your body over heated, didn’t you have someone there to take care of you? So why don’t we, as the people who live on Earth, take care of her. I know that some efforts have been made and put into action, like the Paris Agreement, but I also know that there are more things that we can do. If we don’t do something about the climate increasing, then soon it will blistering outside. Our ice caps are already rapidly melting because of the heat index, can you imagine how quick they will melt if the climate trend continues? But the problem doesn’t just stop there. If the ice caps continue to go away, animals will go extinct, and land will be lost. Some parts of the world are already overpopulated, think about how many more parts of the world will be if the sea level decreases. But because it gets warmer each year, soon we won't have water at all because it would evaporate that fast. Without water, how will the trees create oxygen so that we can breath? The sun’s heat would also make it past blistering outside, resulting in all of the water out of our body’s evaporating. Not only would that kill us, but the sun would also erase all of the oxygen as soon as it is created, leaving nothing but carbon dioxide and other gasses for us to breath, because that is all that we are putting in the world. Not to mention the fact that the trees and plants will all be dead, because there would be no water for them to drink. And believe me, there are not enough cacti in the world to make it go round. Out of all of these things, there is one thing they all have in common… global warming is the source. As the next president, you have the power and an influential voice to do something about it. Global warming is not a joke, so please don’t treat it as one.