Bri New Jersey

Immigration Should Be Legal

Dear Future President: The topic of Immigration has been a very popular subject throughout the years, especially during these past few months, due to the rumor of a wall being built to prevent Mexicans from entering the United States. I would like to point out that immigrants are not solely Mexicans, they come from all over the globe looking for better opportunities in life, whether it be educationally, financially, personally, or to obtain freedom of speech and religion - it all ties into a chance to live a better life. In some countries such as Mexico, and some South American countries, finding a stable and high paying job is extremely rare. Some countries run this way due to financial problems and the country’s inability to pay for people’s education and career paths. How tempting would it be for someone who has striven their entire life to become someone of a high status, such as a doctor or a lawyer, to come into a country where anything is possible? Imagine all the achievements a person’s mind is capable of accomplishing; There is a possibility one of the millions of immigrants can invent the cure for cancer. In other countries, such as Saudi Arabia, people do not receive the right to free religion, or promote women’s voting rights. They are forced to live under the eyes of the government and live the way the government desires. America is the land of the free and home of the brave, and if one is brave enough to risk their life and make their way to the States, they should have the right to stay and make a living. In conclusion, allowing immigrants into our country could benefit America in a number of ways. Imagine the amount of culture and diversity America would receive? Many people can gain knowledge and understanding of a person’s culture from around the world and come to appreciate their ways. Many immigrants come a long way in attempt to get their life together and start fresh. They should at least be promised a better life without the daily fear of being deported, it is obvious living in the states is the dream. Sincerely,