Gabe V. New Jersey

Gun Control is a Lie

Americans have been fooled into believing that gun control works.

Dear Future President,

With all the shootings and attacks in recent months, the debate about gun ownership has risen to the surface of political discussion. Many have called for more regulation on guns, and some have even proposed the idea of a firearms ban. However, I believe that gun rights are essential to America.

Anti-gun advocates have misrepresented statistics and various events to fit their agenda, furthering the gun control hysteria. The media rarely reports on the countless incidents where an armed civilian prevents a crime. According to, a nightclub attack in Lyman, South Carolina was prevented by a concealed carry gun owner who shot back at a criminal. Many similar cases have occurred for centuries. Prevention of crime by armed civilians happens much more often than people think. Police are rarely at a crime scene in time to save anyone from harm; they write a report on the case and eventually arrest the criminal, but the damage has already been done. Despite what the media wants America to believe, the vast majority of gun owners are law-abiding citizens who just want to protect themselves and their families from those who wish to do them harm. The Paris attacks, the school shootings and almost all other gun violence incidents have occurred in gun-free zones, or in areas where firearm ownership is severely limited. As the old saying goes, good guys with guns can stop bad guys with guns. Civilian ownership of firearms is vital to American safety and freedom. The 2nd Amendment should be kept intact, and defended by our next president. 

I hope you will solve this issue by extending gun rights to more Americans and supporting a reduction in firearm regulation.


Gabe Vinogradov