angelique b. New Jersey

Animal Abuse


Angelique bosnak

West milford twp. High school

67 highlander drive

West milford NJ 07480

November 3 2016

Future president at the white house

1600 pennsylvania avenue

Washington dc 20500

Dear future president,

Hi my name is Angelique i am 15 years old and i live in westmilford new jersy. I am also a vegetarian in this letter i will explain why i am and wonder because of animal abuse. In this letter i am writing to you i will explain how i and other people are feeling about animal abuse.

Here is some background on the animal abuse and what it really is . First animals get abused everyday there are 900 to 2000 new cases every year of animal hoarding in the us with 250000 animals falling victim. You wouldn't think that many animals right ? well wait til you hear this one. Over 115 million animals mice , rats , dogs , cats , rabbits , monkeys , birds among others are killed in laboratory experiments world wide for chemical , drug , food , and cosmetics testing every year. Crazy right ? 50% of fur in the us is from china where millions of dogs and cats are often bled to death and skinned alive for there fur look how many animals are dying. 70.1% of them are dogs 20.9% are cats and 24.1 % is other animals .

Second The cause of this problem are people think it is ok to hurt and abuse animals because they can't say or do anything about it. So people take advantage of this and they also do it to make money by selling their fur or selling their meat or even testing the products on them and killing them to see if it works right these are some causes of animal and there aren't good enough reasons to kill and hurt animals don't you agree .

Third there are effects to this you're killing animals hurting them abusing their starving them i could go on and on about how much people do to animals but if i didn't this for by five pages long .That is how much animals are abused there are some things that could be done about this problem like give harsher punishments to people that kill animals and show more awareness on what is really happening to animals or even make some teach about it so there are many things you can do to stop the effects of animal abuse .

Forth everyone mostly has the same perspective about this problem most people don't like animals abuse. The only people that like it or don't care about it are the ones who do it on a website call 11 facts about animals abuse said that most people that abuse animals or hurt animals in anyway they are more likely to stop and just do it to people what they do to animals so i think the should stop it.

In conclusion I strongly feel that you the future presented will help this problem of animal abuse and try to stop it from happening because animals are dying every day so people are going to make these animals go extinct and we need animals for food and what will happen if we don't have food well you guessed it die so please can you fix this problem on animals abuse .

From, Angelique Bosnak