Logan G. Missouri


Immigration is a great thing with the right processes and opportunities, and through that we could make America great again!

Dear Future President,

Immigration is a hard subject to talk about in politics, but for people who have immigrant family members, it can be very emotional to talk about, mainly because they have family members  who are stuck out of a safe spot. I believe immigration is a great thing, with the right processes and opportunities, and through that we can make America great again!

Lots of immigrants that we find in America today should be asked for proof of citizenship, and also be asked how long they have been here. The reason why I bring this up is in, "The Atlantic: America's Immigration Challenge" "Syde Farook, the San Bernadine  killer,  was born a U.S. citizen, yet his family raised questions of the process of their immigration." The right processes of immigration must happen every single time for every single immigrant, or things like this will happen almost every single time.

Next, there should be great opportunities for education when immigrants enter the country. One example of why this should happen also came from, "The Atlantic: America Immigration Challenge" states "Latin Americans, the largest group of immigrants, arrive with the least education. Only 13 percent come with college degrees or more."  I believe this statistic should cause a rise of questions such as, should we give free education to new immigrants so they can become a part of Americas Elite?

Lastly, after immigrants finish their education, they should be presented with a list of jobs they can pursue, not only in their field, but in others also. The reason for this is also found in, "The Atlantic: America Immigration Challenge".  It states, "The town of Samoli Minnesota which holds many Samoli immigrants has an unemployment rate in 2015 that was triple the state average, 21 percent" I believe a list of jobs would help immigrants, and our unemployment rate would go down, and cause our economy to boom in great and dramatic ways!

In closing, if we do all of these things such as good processes for immigration, free education for immigrants, and list of jobs after their education, then the immigrants that our country is based on, will become Americas most elite and there will be no Immigration trouble. 

                                                                                                                     Sincerely, Logan