Daniel M. New Jersey

Equal Rights

Equal rights for everyone.

Dear Future President,

The issue that concerns me the most is equal rights. Not just for women, not just for the LGBT community, but for all minorities. There are too many people who have to wake up everyday and actually fight for their rights, rather than being viewed as equal in society. This is a long and hard-fought battle and I would hope that you can resolve this issue as best as possible. I think that if there is equality amongst all Americans, it will make it easier to achieve things in the long run, like various other issues that need to be solved.

I can only hope that within your presidency, women gain equal pay, the African American community will have a stronger and safer relationship with law enforcement, and that Muslim Americans are viewed as important people in our society. The issue of equality has become the largest in most political campaigns, not just the Presidency, so I hope that you, as the new President, will solve this issue which we are all waiting to be solved. The importance of equality cannot be overlooked, especially in 2016 and more importantly, in a country where everyone is supposed to be created equal. Restoring order to that principle is beyond necessary and I know that the future president, whomever it may be, will have a tremendous responsibility. In a country where women make 78 cents on the dollar compared to men and anywhere between 860-940 African Americans are killed by law enforcement in a seven month period is not only outrageous, but unfair. I hope that within your presidency, you can even things out with the various minority groups in the country.


Dan Marx