Kimberly B. California

Of Borders and Papers

Immigration a super big problem in the US.

Dear Future President,

There is this really big problem where people are trying to get across the border without papers. To me I don't see that big of a problem. If people want to come to America, just let them get their papers while they are in the place they want to be. If they want a better job then let them get it with or without their papers.

One thing I don't get is if the government wants them to pay taxes then, why do they lock them up right away. If they are doing something wrong then yes, I understand lock them up but all they want to do is come to awesome country. They fit in just right and when you are walking around somewhere you don't even see them. You barely notice them. They will take any job they get because they are super hard working people. 

Since, I am Mexican people just think that i have family that are immigrants. I am pretty sure i do not have family members that are immigrants. And if I do I don't know of any. But I know that they don't want anything bad to happen to their new country. 

I think that you should not make them have to much trouble with crossing the border. And if you are going to make them go to jail don't make it for a super long time. What's wrong with having more people paying taxes, more workers, and more people. Please if you don't change it up a lot I just wish that you don't make it as hard for people to get their papers. Thank you for your time reading this.



Santa Clara High School

SCHS English 9

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