Brooke R. Arizona

Stop Sex Trafficking

I'm covering the topic of Sex trafficking in the U.S. I provide a recent story on it as well as a former sex slave herself talking about her experience. Thank you

Dear Next President,

I wanted to start off by first congratulating you on your new sworn presidency. I have high hopes that you will lead this country to a better and more loving group of beings. One thing I would really like to discuss with you is the fact there is still slavery in the 21st century. Maybe not nearly as bad as it was back in the 17th and 18th centuries, but slavery is still happening and it must come to a screeching halt. Sex slaves are very big in my city, Phoenix Arizona. It makes me sick to my stomach to think people are so demented that they would take a girl or boy from their everyday lives and keep them for sexual purposes. On October 4th, ABC 15 Arizona posted about a dozen people were arrested in cities across the U.S. for running what authorities called a sophisticated sex trafficking operation in which hundreds of women were brought from Thailand to America, forced to work as prostitutes to pay off tens of thousands of dollars in debts. In another sense, a sex slave survivor speaks out in Tucson, Arizona and tells her story. Her name is Beth Jacobs and she shares that she was drugged and kidnapped by two men at the age of 16. She met them at a bus stop and agreed to go to a party with them, when they gave her a drink. When she woke up, she did not know where she was and was told the men were pimps. She was repeatedly raped, and told she must sell her body for money. Jacobs was forced to travel all over the country with her pimps for six years. Each day could bring a new city, a new motel, rapes, beatings and a new nightmare. She also shares that she did try to escape once. Police brought her to a train station, where she boarded a bus. When she tried using the restroom at a stop, her pimp was waiting there for her. He then beat her all the way back to Chicago. I would like to see Sex trafficking to come to an end. It obviously has affected many people and once they are a sex slave, they will never feel any more than that for the rest of their lives. They will think of themselves as sex slaves, they will never grow away from that horrible name. I think we should first start by getting a new sheriff. Sheriff Joe Arpiao has not been very attentive to this issue. Once we fix that, The new Arizona Sheriff will have all the answers to fixing this horrible issue. Maybe he or she could go to all the suspected houses of sex slave holders and do a thorough search. Now, luckily I do not have a personal connection with this issue, yet it does affect young girls of my age so I do feel for them. I want this issue to be in the past, Please, letโ€™s figure out how to make sex trafficking not exist.

Sincerely, Brooke Rawlings