Erica Massachusetts

Sex Trafficking

This letter is about how sex trafficking is affecting our world slowly, right in front of our eyes and we don't realize so we don't bother to help.

Dear next president,

I'm Erica, I go to school at Community Academy of Science and Health (C.A.S.H.)  and today I would like you just to take at least 5 minutes of your time to read my letter.

During the last two weeks in ELA 10 we have been talking and researching about things that are hurting and causing the world problems. One of them was sex trafficking, I started getting interested in it so my group decided to research it and make our presentation on it. When we started researching this topic we learned many things about it. We learned that people are not only used for sex but for other things like cleaning, pornographic pictures, cooking, taking care of kids, escorts and many other things. Even though these are big problems we decided to stick with sex trafficking. Did you know that about 98% in sex trafficking are women and young girls?    These poor young girls are made to have sex about 20-48 times a day. Imagine you having to go through these things?  Just having the thought of that makes me sad.   So how do you think these women and young girls feel when they wake up knowing that they have to do something they don't want to do or they will be drugged into it or even worse killed?   Knowing that they won't be able to see their family just because the government isn't using their resources to find them. But even worse, how must those families feel if they knew that they daughters will not come home.

They are put to work for at least 14 hours a day, seven days a week for years, making the sex traffickers nearly 4 million dollars every year. The sex trafficking industry is the second most fastest industry growing, which means each year more and more women and young girls are being used just because of their bodies.  Just because I'm mentioning women and young girls more than usual doesn't mean men and young boys are not being sex trafficked too. I only mentioned women and young girls more because that is the most that are being used. These young girls are being put to work drugged. So many women and young girl try to escape but most of them are caught and killed for trying to leave or tied up even worse. Once women leave they can remember detail by detail but instead of  the police asking questions to help catch who took them, they arrest the women and send them to prison. Even though prostitution isn't something legal they have to take into count that they didn't do it because they wanted to.  They only did it to survive because if they didn't they would be killed. 

I think that our government and our technology is so advanced than other countries that we can be to at least reduce the amount of people affected by these crimes. No matter what, we can't stop it but we at least have to try to reduce it for the safety of our communities all over the world, but most importantly our home. As a 15 year old young girl, I feel obligated to stay in my house because I fear that something like this might happen to me and no one would bother to look and find out where I am. So please don't ignore these women and young girls and help them