Jude Arizona

Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration is a major problem in the Southwest States.

Dear Next President,

First off I would like to congratulate you on becoming the 45th president of the United States and I hope that you make our country into a better state than the state it is in right now with debt and all.

I would also like to bring up an issue with the country that I think should be fixed as soon as possible, and that issue is immigration, specifically illegal immigration in the southwestern states like Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas. My first point is the wall along the southern border should strengthened or at least have no holes or gaps in the wall. I have seen a video of a news channel (who was being supervised by border patrol) show a part of the wall where there is just giant sticks guarding an area of the border, and the gaps were big enough to walk through (3TV). In other parts of the border there is nothing but the Rio Grande river stopping people from crossing over the border. And as seen in the TV show “Border Wars” a group of people cross over the Rio Grande in a raft with contraband but they turn around when they see the agents in the other side of the river. On Fox news I saw a video of two illegal immigrants crossing the border by climbing the extremely tall fence (about 15ft) with contraband strapped to their backs in 12 seconds flat.

I want the outcome to make the borders and the wall strong and secure because lots of people jump the wall or cross over the Rio Grande river to get to America. And they take all of the jobs teenagers need to get started in a work environment. Plus if the wall is stronger the immigrants will have a tougher time climbing the wall and a harder time smuggling contraband out of the country.

I think some possible outcomes or solutions could be to set up little shacks every 5 to 10 miles in the weak areas of the wall with computers in them that are connected to cameras on the border so they can monitor the weak points. And another solution would be to hire more border patrol officers in hopes to have enough officers drive by in one hour that it would scare people from wanting to cross in fear that they would get caught and deported to their country since not all of them come from mexico and most of them come from south america.

I have lots of personal experiences with the topic of immigrants crossing the border because I live in Arizona. Lots of illegal immigrants are smuggling contraband like guns,drugs and money. They also stand outside lots of hardware stores to try and do hard labor for a paycheck. This issue is important to me because I don’t like the fact that the immigrants jump the border and take taxpayers money to live here. It’s not fair to the legal immigrants who spend years doing lots of paperwork and took sacrifices to become legal citizens of america and it's not fair to citizens that we have to pay for their deportation when they get caught via taxes.

Sincerely, Jude (p.3)