Jonathan T. E. Arizona

Reverse the Law Legalizing Abortion

The President should work to create a bill to reverse the law that legalizes abortion. These children are being murdered with the only choice being to succumb.

Dear next President of the United States:

I’d like to start off by asking you a question. What if YOU weren't here. What if you had died before you were born. Approximately 125,000 unborn children die everyday due to abortion. I propose that you create a bill that will reverse the law legalizing abortion. It’s not right that these children are murdered without a choice but to succumb. The science of it is that the children are real children even though they are in the womb. It not only kills the baby, but it hurts the would-have-been mother as well. Killing someone always affects someone, even if it’s an unborn baby.

These unborn children are not just “things” they’re children even if unborn. “According to Surgeons entering the womb to perform corrective procedures on tiny unborn babies have seen those same babies flinch, jerk and recoil from sharp objects and incisions.” ( This means these children can feel. This also means these children are not just “things” “The neural pathways are present for pain to be experienced quite early by unborn babies,” explains Steven Calvin, M.D., perinatologist, chair of the Program in Human Rights Medicine, University of Minnesota. This should technically be considered child abuse and murder because the victim in this case, the unborn child, can experience pain.

“Abortion doesn’t make you unpregnant it just make you the mother of a dead baby”-unknown. Abortion doesn’t just kill the baby, it also kills the mother metaphorically speaking. Mothers of dead babies can experience regret, shame, anger, guilt, loneliness, loss of self confidence, nightmares, relationship issues, suicidal thoughts or feelings, eating disorders, depression, and anxiety. (American Pregnancy Association) The would-have-been mothers are the ones who have to live with their choice of murder and it can and will affect them greatly.

I have heard this excuse many times. “What about rape victims or health problems where the woman could die if she doesn’t abort here unborn child.” Yes, that is a problem but that excuse doesn’t work statistically speaking. 3% of abortions are rape victims and 8% are from health issues with the woman that could lead to death. So what about the 111250 cases of abortion every day. We should do something about the rape and health victims that is a problem but the 111250 cases are murder. Those unborn children still have rights as American citizens secured by the 5th and 14th amendments. “I think the next president ought to invoke the Fifth and Fourteenth amendments to the constitution now that we clearly know that that baby inside the mother's womb is a person at the moment of conception.” Mike huckabee former Arkansas governor. One thought before I go into my conclusion. What if it had been you? What if you were one of the 40 to 50 million babies killed every year? You would never have become president. What would the world be without you. That's only one person. Now think about the millions who could have been born. Who could have become president someday. Who could have made a difference.

Children shouldn’t be murder for a moment of pleasure Mr. or Mrs. President. Women should have a choice but not a choice to kill an innocent baby. They do have the choice to decide whether to have the child or not. That is a choice they do have. If they decided to have a baby then they must live with the consequences good or bad. Women should have rights but no one should have this savage right. These unborn children are still babies by science. Yes, there should be a clause for rape or health victims but that again is 11% of the 40-50 million abortions every year. I’m going to bring up a point that I really value again. “What if it were me?” I have done wrong but I have also done some good affecting some people, maybe just by saying hi to a lonely kid or giving someone a kind note.Abortion is killing someone who could have saved the world.


Jonathan T. E.

P.S. If you are reading this then I

will choose to believe that you read

The whole letter and even if you don’t do as I

advise I would like to thank you anyway

So, Thank You.


“Surgeons entering the womb to perform corrective procedures on tiny unborn babies have seen those babies flinch, jerk and recoil from sharp objects and incisions.”

40-50 million abortions every year

approximately 125,000 abortions per day