David F. Arizona

Putting an End to ISIS

It is time to put an end to ISIS once and for all.

Dear Next President:

The last 15 years have been a bad time for the middle east, thanks to Islamic extremists groups spreading terror everywhere. The United States government, as you know, has been well involved in the conflict. And now we present ISIS, the oversized radical Islamic state making the entire situation worse. We need to do more about them, and soon. We need you, and the U.S. government backing you as well as countless nations against ISIS, to put much more effort into this battle to end this war. The country is counting on you to put an end to the reign of terror that is ISIS, and save much of Syria and the surrounding nations from destruction. Americans would once again feel safe, knowing that our country can take on any threat that our enemies throw at us. We just need to increase our efforts.

Ever since 911, our country and others along the same lines have lived under the constant fear of terrorism, and the increase of it leading to the formation of ISIS has only gotten worse. The nation has been fretting about the situation to much, and it needs to stop. Yes, we know the government already has many plans to stop ISIS, but this nation has the power to end the age of terror immediately. For example, the second largest city in Syria, Mosul, has been under occupation by the Islamic State since 2014 (CNN World News). If you could just send in more troops and supplies for an invasion, ISIS would lose one of their prize trophies and 1 million people would be liberated, further shrinking them. Of course, it is a lot more complicated than just an order, but we’ve done it before, and we can do it again.

We need to take this war into deeper consideration. There are many outcomes to the enemies victory, and we still don’t know for certain what Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi goal is. Also, if the plan is to invade hostile territory, we can’t do what Russia is doing, sending in hundreds of airstrikes and bombing every structure visible, no. We have to plan it out carefully, but quickly. ISIS wants us to increase destruction of the war-torn countries to use it as an advantage to wipe out as many Sunni civilians as possible (Frontline News). But I trust you will not let them achieve anything else they want. You can end this war, and the world needs you to.

It is time to do something about ISIS, and by that we mean finish this war. Frontline soldiers should be the last lives the Islamic State should take for their bidding. We have the ability to annihilate them, we just need the clearance. With you in office now, the task to put an end to ISIS should be a priority. So get the government together over this, and make it clear the American people can feel more safety. I hope the war will not durate much longer, and hope to see the day where we won’t think of the middle east as a dangerous place. Thank You.


David F




Civano Middle School

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