Mia N. Texas

Sexual assault isn't a joke

The amount of people who get away with sexual assault facing minimal charges is baffling and disgusting. Nobody should ever be scared to not be able to trust again because of this.

Dear Future President,

I'm writing this letter in hopes of changing the viewpoints of dismissal of rapists upon arrest due to their actions. 97% of 100 rapists often walk free and face no consequences for the felony that they have committed. I happen to believe that the reason so many get away with this crime is that officials often blame the victim than the attacker. The victims are either blamed for dressing too provocatively meaning that they are “asking for it”. How we dress does not mean yes, it's not our consent. I advise you Future President to pass the law and to be less sympathetic to those who rape. By letting these people walk free facing no charges you're basically letting them do things freely, maybe even giving them a chance to do their heinous crime again.

The problem with this is caused by the rapists, not in fact what the victim is wearing. Schools now days would get upset and write up female students because their exposure to their skin for their choice of outfit or because it's “distracting” to the male peers. Females are expected to change for the immature thoughts of males because they're not focusing on school. How is it fair that female students get sent home or written up to wear a violation shirt just for showing a shoulder or even a collarbone?

Let's go into perspective here, for a rapist being let free in 2016. His excuse was him being intoxicated and was just being part of the party culture. Brock Turner, the college swimmer who sexually assaulted a girl behind a dumpster, was sentenced to a county jail for six months since they believed it would have a more severe impact on him and for his future of a swimmer for receiving Olympic aspirations. His statement including “He was having a good time with the victim and stated that she also seemed to enjoy the activity.” But in fact she didn't, her statement was that she never gave any consent and “after consuming several drinks, she couldn't recall anything after talking to a few attendees at the party.”

In conclusion, I urge you to place new laws that strengthen rape charges, so we will all be safe. I'm speaking for everyone who believes the situation is unfair to the justice. I'd like to say thank you for your time and please take my letter into consideration.


Mia Netro

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