Brian W. District Of Columbia

Gun Control

America needs stricter gun laws.

Dear Next President,

Gun Control Is an issue because lots of people are being affected in bad ways. Its very easy for criminals to get and receive guns and that way it's easy for criminals to succeed there bad intentions. Lots of people are being hurt who don't deserve it because of others' mistakes. Take for instance an Uzi death from a little girl at the age of nine years old that committed murder because she was too young to have to handle a sub machine gun at the gun range where she got the sub machine gun from .¨An accidental death of an instructor at an Arizona gun rage, killed while teaching a nine year old kid how to shoot a fully automatic Uzi.¨ That's only one example. Even the last first lady, Michelle Obama, was in tears because of the shootings in her hometown Chicago.

America needs stricter gun laws.

Thank you for your time,

Brian W.