Leighton S. & Stephen M. District Of Columbia

Guns: Solutions

In our letter, we state the pros and cons about firearms. We will also discuss the facts about gun rights and share our ideas for a solution around controlling firearms

Dear Future President,

Our names are Leighton and Stephen. You are receiving this letter because we heard that the Second Amendment is heavily debated among Americans today. So we encourage you, the future president, not to deprive Americans of the Second Amendment. Yet, we believe that certain people shouldn’t be armed. So we are telling you to please keep the Second Amendment and at the same time, work to keep bad people away from weapons.

We believe that the Second Amendment can be good for both sides of the argument.  We have evidence from a website that states that 40% of criminals will not commit their crimes if they think that the victim of their crime has a firearm. We have evidence that firearms also used mostly for self-defense reasons than for violent crimes. We are also lead to believe that in the past and present that bad people have used firearms for crimes. But we think that there is a way that both sides can treat each other with fairness. To bring fairness to the Second Amendment debate, you need to listen to each side's opinion on this topic. So we think the future president should balance each side's ideas. The government should make sure that criminals don’t have access to weapons, but at the same time, should not legalize firearms.

In conclusion, the future president should be able to listen and have a solution to each side's opinion on guns. Stephen and I think that if you, the future president, make gun rights equal between each side, this will prevent shootings and prevent disarming Americans too.


Stephen and Leighton

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