Claire C. California

Safety First

It is finally time that the American government prioritize the safety and security of all individuals by reevaluating the 2nd Amendment and revising our current gun laws.

Dear Madam or Mr. President,

We, the people of the United States, have a serious gun problem. This issue, although extremely relevant, is not new. Since our founding, guns have been a topic of conversation. They were a physical source of protection and a factor that contributed to our successful independence from the British empire. They were necessary to our safety and security over 200 years ago. Fortunately, this is not the 1770s anymore. We are not involved in a brutal war, fighting and dying in order to gain separation and freedom. This is 2016. The United States is the one of the greatest global superpowers the world has ever known. Citizens are guaranteed freedom and security due to the devoted service of our police, military, firefighters, and government. Yet many people of this country still believe that guns are imperative to the success, protection, and prospering of our nation. This pro gun stance has led to mass outbreaks of violence and the deaths of millions of Americans. It is crucial that this next administration analyze and reevaluate the irrelevant gun laws present within our 21st century American society.

A resolution for the issue over gun control is long overdue. As politicians continue to debate and argue, thousands of Americans are losing their lives. According to the Washington Post, guns are killing as many people as cars currently within the United States. Additionally, the New York Times released an article stating that homicide, due to guns, is the third leading cause of death for all Americans, after accidents and suicide. Both of these statements put into perspective the effects of guns by illustrating how frequent Americans are victims of these killing machines. It is common to hear about another mass shooting. It is frequent to learn that another school has been a victim of gun violence. Protecting the 2nd Amendment is not the way to eliminate the deaths of these innocent victims. Protecting the 2nd Amendment continues to add fuel the fire and increase national violence and death. Guns lead to violence and violence leads to death. By eliminating guns from the equation we would be ensuring the safety of millions of Americans. The job of the 2nd Amendment was to guarantee the protection of those who felt vulnerable. It is clear that it continues to fail and is currently irrelevant to the preservation of our national security and well being.

225 years have passed and we have refused to welcome positive change. It is finally time that we take a look at our country and reevaluate the status of guns. They are made to kill, and we continue to let them. Your presidency needs to interrupt the cycle of gun violence in order to ensure a better tomorrow.


Claire Cohen  

Marlborough School

AP World History Period H

Letters to the Next President

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