Omar M. District Of Columbia

Immigrants are people too

Immigrants are being deported for no reason. People came here to the United State to start a new life.

Dear Next President,

People all over the world are leaving their home country due to violence crime or any other bad thing that is going on our world. These people came here to start a new life.

There are many issues concerning to immigration nowadays, and one of the major problems that we have been witnesses to the family disintegration. For example, children that have one undocumented parents and in the worse scenarios both parents are suffering with the shadow of deportation. As a consequence of our immigration systems they can not obtain any legal status within the United States.

There should be many option available to within the government to be able to find a solution, but one thing is true that deportation is not the answer to the immigration system. They should start a small refugee camp until they are available to be let in the United State.

Here in the United State immigration is a huge problem since youth are leaving from their home country to leaving their family behind. These youth are experiencing a problem that they shouldn't experience never in their youth full lives.

Thank you for your time,

Sincerely Omar M.