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Gun Control

The importance of gun control and why we need it

To The Next President of The United States of America,

I am writing this to you because I believe the issue of gun control is important.

I want you to ask Congress to pass legislation that would take away firearms and concealed weapons from all Americans. The exception would be for policemen and military personnel.

I read that former President Bill Clinton was able to get a bill passed banning firearms and concealed weapons. But then it was taken away.  If this is not possible, then could you at least try to take away the firearms that are only meant to kill someone like AR15s, AK47s, and UZI sub-machine guns. These  types of guns should not belong in someone's home, out on the streets, in someone’s car, or on someone’s back in a populated area. These guns are meant to protect yourself on the battlefield so they should not be out on the streets being carried around.

When you are in a society that revolves around guns nothing is right. Even if it saves the store clerk from the armed gunmen, it can still run the risk of hurting or even killing more people. By enforcing this law, you would make it hard for the gunmen to have a gun which would result in nobody getting hurt or killed. It would be a normal day at the store.

So by passing a gun law restricting people are safer.

Thank you for reading the letter.


Hugh Meredith

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