Maurice J. District Of Columbia

College Expense !!!

College is very expensive.

Dear Next President,

College is too expensive for a lot of people in the world so that's why a lot of people do not go to college since it cost so much. The problem is that a lot of seniors who graduate high school do not go to college because it’s too expensive so that mean they family cannot pay for them to get in a college. According to “The institute for College Access & Success,” in 2014 “had student loan debt , with an average of $28,950 per borrower.” I think it would be fair if you lower the price to a reasonable price so that kids can get to have a proper education after they finish high school. I think that right now the cost to get in college is super high and a lot of people do not attend college because they cannot afford college. If you guys can help and lower the cost for college it will be more successful people in the world that have succeeded more in life could get a better job. 

Thank you for your time,

Maurice J.