Ashley E. District Of Columbia

Immigration Crisis

Due to the Central American turmoil the amount of immigrants feeling to the United States is increasing rapidly including youth and children traveling alone.

Dear Next President,

I am writing because I am concerned about the current Immigration crisis. Over the years the number of people fleeing their homes and resettling in the United States has increased dramatically. Due to the ongoing increase of the severe issue of violence and gang threats in Central America many people choose to emigrate to the United states.

The ongoing increase of violence and gang threats in Central America is causing people to flee their home, seeking to find safety and improved economic and academic opportunities. Children and adolescents are emigrating alone to the United states, and the amount of children and youth traveling alone is increasing rapidly.

A solution to this problem would be to cooperate with the countries and provide a certain amount of money so that they can utilize it for law enforcement. With this solution the number of immigrants emigrating to the United States will decrease, especially youth. People are fleeing their home to avoid violence and gangs threats, with improved law enforcement they won't have to be apprehensive and the severe issue of violence and gang threats will decrease and progress will start to display. I would also like to request that instead of Immigrants being deported, due to their dilemma they should be provided with asylum. Asylum would benefit them in various ways. They will a get an opportunity to reach safety and help, which they are seeking for.

All in all, There are many ways to cooperate to this dilemma. The idea of providing asylum and providing money to countries to strengthen law enforcement will help reduce the number of youth emigrating alone to the united states and reduce the amount of immigrants emigrating in general. This will also reduce the severe issue of gang threats and violence in Central America. So please consider these ideas to find a solution and cooperate.

Thank you for your time,

Ashley E.-R.