Cesar R. Texas

Gun Control

There is a big gun problem in America but with some procautions, gun violence can be reduced with out taking away peoples guns.

In America there is a big problem with gun violence but even though there is one people still don't want to give up their 2nd amendment right and I agree. We should not completely take away peoples guns as it will only cause crime rates to raise as people will only buy and use them illegally. But there should be more restrictions on who is able to purchase firearms. It is easier to buy a gun than to get a drivers license and it should't be like this were just anybody can get a gun. People should have to go through a course and pass a test to be able to own a gun, not just purchase it then have a waiting period. There should also be a background check and a psychiatric test to see if the person has any mental health issues. James Holmes, the shooter in the Colorado Theater Massacre has said before he wanted to kill people, showing clear mental instabilities. People committing these massacres have many times had mental health issues. There has to be restrictions to stop people like this from killing mass amounts of people. As Joe Rogan once said "This country has a mental health problem, disguised as a gun problem."