Yancy G. District Of Columbia

My message to the new president based on immigration

Immigrants should have each and every same right as any citizen. Being born in a different country does not make you a bad person at all. You should not be looked at in a bad way because you do not speak a certain language.

Dear Next President,

The topic that I will be writing to you about today is immigration. I think immigration is a serious topic to the whole latino world, but not just Latinos, to all people that have migrated into the United States or have tried to migrate into the United States without being a Citizen.

The problem about immigration is that it does not allow people from other countries to be a part of the United States. This is not fair because, first of all, everybody in the United States is an immigrant because this country belonged to Indians. Second of all, everyone is a human and I think that everyone should get treated equally because the same respect you give a person is the same respect you get in return. Put yourself in the position of any immigrant. Try to come into the United States and be hated by other people for not speaking a certain language or being hated by people for being born somewhere else. 

If immigrants aren’t allowed to migrate into the United States, how is it fair that U.S. citizens are allowed to migrate into other countries? It is not fair at all especially for the children that want to come into the United States to have a better life, to get educated in a good way for a good future so that they can become someone in life not just any lady or man selling something on a street because they can’t get a job because they don’t have “papers” or are “illegal” here in the United States. I believe that immigrants should have each and every right that a U.S. citizen has because, if you think about it, immigrants get treated like trash. People talk trash about them and if they ever try to defend themselves they are the ones in a wrong for defending themselves for anything they do .

I think that every immigrant should at least an opportunity to live in the United States or even feel as a United States citizen. I think children should have the right to study here in the United States because if the United States is a free country as it claims to be any child in the world should be allowed to study or have same opportunities as others.

Everybody should have same rights as a citizen. No one should be treated wrong for not speaking a certain language or for being born in a certain country .

Thank you for your time,

Yancy G.