Joseph F. District Of Columbia

Police need to wear body cameras

I'm writing about police in the community and how can they get exposed for what they have done

Dear Next President Trump or Clinton,

The problem i’m focused on is Police In The Community. They are abusing their power and are hurting, and killing children, teenagers, and African American males.

This is a huge problem because there using force when they don’t have to.

What I think you should do to help us out is make all the police officers wear body cameras so we can see what happening. For example, the police officer who killed Eric Garner wasn't wearing a body camera. We know is he was forced on the ground and the police officers were holding him in a chokehold and he couldn't breathe. We know this because someone was recording the whole incident on their cell phone.

This is why we need police to wear body cameras to show what happen.

Thank you for your time,

Joseph F