Jayden Kelly-Gilchrist Minnesota

No Poverty/Hunger

No one should be insidiously wealthy and over fed when they're are people starving and homeless.

In Africa, there are tons of people who are homeless and hungry and can't do much about it. But in America we have choices. We can chose to do something about homeless people. We can do something about hungry and starving children and people who don't have anything. We all still have each other and together we are strong. We should all pitch in to help the homeless and the hungry. Poverty and hunger are two of the biggest problems in America but also the world. These two problems need to be solved so this world begging can be fixed. Everywhere we see people on the streets. We should help them because it's our duty to help fellow Americans and other human beings in general. So, to conclude, I say that we should all band together and help each other and the president should make more soup kitchens and homeless shelters for our fellow Americans. We are stronger together and we are one.

Chaska Middle School East

Mrs. Johnson's 8th Grade Global Studies

Global Studies class letters connecting national issues to the UN's Global Goals.

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