Laec L. Minnesota

Political Division

The separation of political philosophies, and the division that causes.

Dear future Mr. or Mrs. president,

My greatest concern for our collective country is our division. Now, as a young adult, I am still forming opinions about where this country should go. However, as I looked into what stances there are, I could see nothing but a great divide among theologies. I'm am greatly appalled by the mentality “if you aren't with us, you're against us”, which is exactly what this country is devolving to.

The biggest division I see is political parties. I have yet to see someone turned down because of their race or gender (which is not to say it doesn't happen), however, I have seen people fired because of their political viewpoint. This country is constantly focused about whether they will have a republican or democratic president, or a republican or democratic congress. People see this divide, but there has been no action to bring people closer.

As a person who prides himself in having a diverse group of viewpoints as friends, the idea that people could decide whether or not they will affiliate with someone because of their political standing disgusts me. I find that political unity has virtually no supporters, as most are taught that that is how it is supposed to be.

Now, I do know there isn't much you can do, however, I feel like a president should go out of his or her way to support the opposite party. Though each party wouldn't want you to support the other candidate, it is something that must be done to heal this wound, no matter how covered up it is.

Political segregation is a problem that is very real. Even if you cannot (or won't) support the opposite party, it would be in our country’s best interest to bring this issue to light. Our first president, president Washington, wanted a no party system. He feared the division a multiparty system would cause, and frankly, he was right.

This election specifically has sparked a lot of division, and that division has only been bolstered by both parties. We need change, and if rewriting the workings of our government is what we need to enact that change, then you, the head of our government, should be the first to start the ball rolling.


Seriously Split