Joe Minnesota

Death Penalty

I wrote this letter to try and convince you to abolish the death penalty.

Dear Next President,

A democracy is a government of the people, so listen to the people for a moment. How woudd you feel if you were wrongly accused for a crime you didnt commit? Now what if you were sentenced to the death penalty because of it? This happened to around 4% of people on death row. The death penalty is wrong, I belive it should be abolished. Here’s some more reasons why.

Even with the investigation and court trial, the risk of executing an innocent person is still there. This happened to around 4% of people on death row. The death penalty violates a person’s right to live. The death penalty is often used in a disproportional way against the poor and minorities. According to the International Commision against the Death Penalty, the death penalty does not deter crime effectivly. Also a 2010 poll by Lake Reasearch Partners found that 61% of voters would choose a punishment other than the death panalty for murder. And did you know that a defensive death penalty case (You’re the one convicted) in Kansas the average case cost is $400,000. Later on in 2014 the Kansas Judicial council said that cost is being compared to about $100,000 per case when the death penalty was not sought. This is outrageous because to house 1 inmate in New York (which is the most expensive state to house an inmate) it costs $60,000, according to

There is an easy solution, abloish the death penalty. We are wasting so much money on this, when we could be spending it on something tht can actually benifit us. If you cant make the decision, let us. Let the people of America vote on it, listen to what we have to say. Maybe you’ll hear something you didn’t before.

Best wishes,

Joe Ayd