Mallory A. Minnesota

Racial tension/Abortion

What I believe the next should fix.

Dear future Mr. or Mrs. President,

How's the white house? Are they treating you well? Hopefully. Anyways I just was hoping you had some issues with our country in mind. For example racial tension. I believe that racism has always been a troubled subject in our country. But in the past 2 years racial tension has spiked. It started when Trayvon Martin was shot by a police officer. The police officer claims that the incident was a form of defense. After shot the 17 year old was found to be unarmed.This caused a tension between blacks and whites.

A year later in August Michael Brown an 18 year old black man was shot by Darren Wilson. Wilson was not charged with manslaughter. This caused protests in Missouri claiming “black lives matter”. This is where I'm wondering. In our country where we were built off of “all men are created equal.” What went so wrong that they feel they need to remind us that their lives matter too? That they are equal to everyone else. I want our country to be racism free. I don't understand is if we try to be equal why do we have to walk on eggshells so we don't offend people to make them believe they aren't equal. I think we should make it your goal to help leave racism in the past.

While you're warming up to the high ceilings and royalty. I think you should start thinking about what you're going to do about abortion. I believe abortion is necessary in certain situations, but too much in another. In every rape victim 5% of them get pregnant. Ages 12-34 are ranked to be the highest target for sex offenders. In my eyes I don't think ages 12-17 are capable of raising a child yet. Especially when they aren't even listed as an adult yet.

There also is people out there that are not able to provide the needs for a child. Which leads me to another reason why abortion is a necessity. Estimated 6.6 million children under 18 live in households with at least one alcoholic parent. I don't think children deserve to live in a life that there is a struggle with choosing alcohol over getting the kid to school (other important activities). But I also don't think that it's fair that some kids don't get a chance at life. I think abortion should be used to point with reason. I don't think it wild be helpful to ban abortion from the United States. I hope you do too.

In other words I hope you'd take time to look at the troubles with abortion and racism.

Thank you.