Emma T. Minnesota

Quality Education for Everyone

The United States is a place for opportunity and a place for everyone to share their ideas. By having education as a major building block, you can make the community healthier, cleaner, and better as a whole. A quality education should be accessible to everyone if we want to make America as best as it can be.

Dear Future President,

Having an education refers to having the ability to question and think critically, as well as being able to read and write. It was proven that, “almost 70 million children across the world are prevented from going to school each day” (Shepherd, 1). Statistics have also shown that, “girls are far less likely to attend school than boys in many of the world's poorest countries" (Shepherd, 1). There are multiple places around the world that kids aren’t enrolled to school. For example, in Niger, 44% of girls won’t continue their education past the 6th grade. Plus, nearly 70% of the population can’t read or write. Therefore, making Niger have the highest amount of illiterate people in West Africa. These people are in great need for more efficient education. I believe that education should be the priority of our future President because it can make our community a better place.

Everyone needs to have base knowledge to improve our country and its potential. First of all, we can create a healthier living style for everyone. For example, by combining knowledge, we can create cures for diseases that are much more reliable and effective. On listsurge.com, it says, “Are you aware that almost every person is allergic to 5 foods in his lifetime which may cause autoimmune diseases? An educated person would know his health, live longer and healthier by resorting to healthier alternatives” (Vidyarthi, 1). This shows that as a person continues through their life they will come across many struggles such as allergies and diseases. But, just by being educated we can not only prevent future problems in America but, across the world as well. Also, more quality education can reduce the amount of poverty. For example, people with a higher education are more likely to have a job that receives more money. Concerned WorldWide states that, “Each year someone spends in school accounts for a 10% increase in their potential earnings” (Concerned WorldWide, 1). This shows how important an education is. However, some families aren’t able to supply their students with this necessity. Poverty rates still continue to be a major problem and a better education can help solve this issue in the United States. In conclusion, education can help a wide variety of things from a longer life to reducing poverty rates.

However, a quality education is not always accessible. For example, price of an effective education isn’t always affordable. In the United States, more kids with low income families are proven to drop out more than high income households. On DoSomething.org, it states, “Dropout rates of 16 to 24-years-old students who come from low income families are seven times more likely to drop out than those from families with higher incomes” (DoSomething, 1). This shows that there are definitely setbacks that are straining families and students to taking part in their community. There are so many people in America that aren’t getting the education they deserve. As you can see, getting a quality education can be a struggle for families across the nation.

I believe that in order to help our communities, everyone should have a solid base of knowledge from a reliable education system. Moving forward as our country continues to grow and improve, you as the future President should make sure all schools are up to date with textbooks, technology, and concepts. This way all students can be benefitted. Out of all 17 global goals, I believe that number 4, quality education relates the most to my topic. The United Nations also have goals that should be obtained as a world. I think that by teaming up with the United Nations, we can solve more education issues across the world. For example, The United States could make sure all other countries have reliable teachers and educators. After reading my letter I hope you understand that this is a major issue in the United States. With more and more educated people we can make smarter choices and make America the best it has ever been. Thank you for putting your time into my letter and I hope this issue has made your agenda.


Emma Thompson

Education is one of the major "building blocks" to life because it improve your health and understanding about the world.

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