Amanda Washington

Ending of The Drug War

In means of elaborating on one change I would like to see within America, I would like to talk about how the next president can finish decriminalizing drugs, and end the Drug War.

Dear Next President,

I am writing to you to show you how drug abuse victims deserve to be treated. With a reforment of the laws with and against drugs, we can build a healthier country. “Since portugal decided to treat possession and use of small quantities of these drugs as a public health issue, not a criminal one.” In portugal since 2011 their crime rates have dropped drastically, at first I was shocked. But it made sense, because the less people are treated like criminals the more they will want to go and receive help, from a rehab or therapy center. 

Growing up and being surrounded by substance abuse, whether it was drugs or alcohol, it wasn’t fun. It changed the way I saw how things work, I felt like those things were okay, and when my mother was enrolled to a treatment center. I wasn't sure why, all my grandmother would tell me is that she was sick and needed time to get better. After 12 months she was released and didn't even look the same. She looked happy, she smiled more. I liked that her hair was cut differently, she looked healthier. She spoke more clearly and communicated better. I was glad that she was better, I believe every drug abuser deserves the right to heal themselves, their mind, body and sometimes even their soul. I believe the first step to ending the war on drugs, is by decriminalizing them. Treat the so called criminal as a victim, make them understand the wrong path they have walked down. Then give them hope instead of grive. With this they’ll see a future that by staying clean and healthy, they could obtain. This is my hope for the United States of America. This is my hope for the next president, for society and our culture.


A High School Senior

Spokane, WA

The Community School

Voices of TCS

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