Harmony L. Alabama

Drug Abuse

Many people are doing drugs or having problems with drugs. I'm asking if we can make a difference about drug abuse and drug addiction.

Dear Next President,

There are a lot of different types of drugs that are being invented and used. Many teens start when they are young from 13-19 years old, but many start when they get older. The Open Society of Foundations says at least 65% are selling drugs; in addition, many people have a hard time getting off drugs. President, there needs to be a safe place to go when there is no one else to take care of people who are having issues with drug addiction.

The Global Commission on Drug Policy reported that “the states that 92% of today’s population, supply morphine.” There are some negative problems about drug usage. There should be a stop to drugs. So many kids are getting in contact with drugs. The teens are going to jail and not fulfilling their dreams because of drugs. Some kids are going to the wrong path in life. You should 

The Whitehouse drug policy says that “50% saying that drugs can ruin your life.” Drugs mess up your brain cells to make you not think properly. Your actions can lead to death or prison time. Today it is getting to the point where the family members are getting beat up because of their actions. They get hurt or lose their loved ones. Drug addicts also lose the ability to have a job.

Someone in America is getting arrested for some type of drug right now. Maybe even dying from it. Or just lost his/her life. If we had a place where people addicted to drugs could go and get help then more people would be successful and would be full-filling their dreams in life. Wouldn’t that feel amazing?

Sincerely, Harmony L. 

Oxford High School

2nd Period

11 grade Honors English

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