Samuel A. Massachusetts

Letter to President


November 4,2016

Dear Future President,

My name is Samuel Ayala and I am from El salvador. Now I live Allston MA, And I got to Brighton High School. I have a big Family because I have five sisters, one brother and three beautiful nieces.

The most important issue you should address first is guns in America. You should address this issue because every year many people are killing by terrorist in cinemas, discotheques, schools, universities and many other places where the people are doing something important. I was reading an article where it says 30,000 American people in the United States are dying every mass shooting by firearms. The citizens in U.S. need support in security in whole this places because this are the places where the terrorists enfoques for to do their terrorist attacks.

A solution to this problem is to require to make new laws against guns in America because that could help to have a better control guns to reduce the number of die people. Fixing this problem would benefit whole people of this country to not have fear about public places.

I advocate for this because I am afraid to go to public places such as cinemas, marathons, parks, airports or anyplace where are a lot people because are the places where the terrorists like to go to kill people. Also I am afraid for my family safe because when they travel to others countries, when they go to the mall or others places. I donโ€™t feel safe when I go to the stores in the night because I feel that crazy people are walking in the streets with firearms in their hands and they can kill me.

In conclusion, I oppose firearms in America for many reasons and I want you do something about this huge problem in the United States.


Samuel Ayala